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About us

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) is the peak environmental advocacy group in the Sunshine Coast. Established in 1980 it represent over 50 community groups as well as a number of Sunshine Coast businesses and many individuals and families.

Our vision: An ecologically sustainable world achieved through individual and community stewardship of the natural environment at local, regional and global level.

Our mission: Through leadership, education and environmental activism, to encourage Sunshine Coast individuals and communities to support and participate in working towards the goal of environmental sustainability.


The organisation is managed by our management committee which is made up of representative from member groups and individuals elected for their expertise in particular environmental fields. Day to day operations are managed by our staff and volunteers.


The latest about SCEC


The Sunshine Coast Environment Council

Over its 34 year history SCEC has been involved in many campaigns to preserve the beautiful natural environment of the Sunshine Coast region. Most of these were in response to development pressures stemming from rapid population growth. SCEC continues to play an active role in advocating for environmental protection with local and state government and increasingly with the development industry.

SCEC is also increasingly becoming involved in broader environmental issues such as climate change and resource depletion. We recognise that these issues cannot be solved by SCEC alone, but believe that will they not be resolved unless organisations such as SCEC drive change within their own community.

The threat posed by such issues to the natural environment in our region may not be as obvious as that posed by urban development but they are no less real. For example a global average temperature increase of 2 degrees will translate into a local increase of 4-6 degrees. Much of our local flora and fauna will not be able to deal with such a dramatic change in our climate.

To effectively preserve the natural beauty of this region SCEC works across four broad strategic areas:


Preserving nature

Remaining natural areas need to be preserved and protected. A network of connected conservation areas needs to be established which covers suitable habitat for all plants and animals and allows for movement of species across the landscape. Ecosystems that are currently threatened should be expanded in area to the point where they are no longer threatened.


Good government

Governments at all levels need to develop policies and laws that support environmental restoration and avoid environmental harm. Planning for environmental protection needs to occur across all areas of government including energy and water, town planning, transport and waste management.


Sustainable communities

People are the final consumers of all the things our society produces. We must all understand how the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the energy we use and everything else that we do impacts on the environment. We need to become critical consumers and actors and choose those products and activities that do not harm the environment.


Green Economy

The global economy is running into the limits of what the earth can supply. Within a generation we will run out of key materials such as oil, phosphorous and a number of minerals. We are rapidly clearing forests and exhausting fish stocks while our carbon emissions are warming the planet. We need to transform the economic system to be powered by renewable energy, to create a cyclic flow of materials and to avoid putting even more polluting substances in our land, waterways and atmosphere.



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