Climate Action Message

Climate change is real.
Climate change is happening now.
Taking action on climate change is urgent.
Solutions to climate change are at hand.
And ... our “leaders”are letting us down.

Where the people lead, the politicians will follow.

Polling across Australia shows that the vast majority of people is concerned about Climate Change. Indeed a 2014 poll on the Sunshine Coast showed that 80% of residents want to see a national emission reduction target for 2020 and more than 50% believes that target should be a reduction of 15% or more below 2000 levels.

But the politicians are ignoring these polls so we believe we need to put a face to the number and collect stories of why the people of the Sunshine Coast want strong action on climate change. We’re asking you to add your voice by telling us who you are and why you want strong action on climate change. You’re message does not have to be complicated just make it clear who you are and why you want strong action on climate change, like so….

We’re the Ter Bals family from Buderim. We want strong action on climate change to ensure our children, and the millions of other beautiful species that share our planet, don’t have to feat for their future.

You can type you message and add a photo but a video message would be even more powerful, just get out your smart phone or webcam and get creative.