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Planning Issues

Urbanisation driven by population growth has had a major impact on the natural environment of the Sunshine Coast. Large areas of land have been cleared to make room for housing developments (much of this was Wallum, an ecological community unique to coastal area in South East Queensland). Roads and other infrastructure have further fragmented remnant vegetation areas with a significant impact on flora and fauna species.

Through our ‘Planning Issue’ campaign SCEC seeks to protect the natural environment on the Sunshine Coast from inappropriate development and urban sprawl. Our activities under this campaign include contributing to the development of local and regional planning instruments (such as the SEQ Regional Plan) and monitoring planning and development issues that are of current concern within the region.

SCEC seeks to engage directly with developers to raise our concerns prior to the finalisation of a development application and where possible resolve concerns through a collaborative approach. In cases where we are unable to resolve our concerns before a development application is submitted SCEC will use the public submission opportunities in the development assessment process to ensure adequate environmental protection standards are maintained.

The latest news on this campaign

Sunshine Coast Planning Issues of current concern

We are actively involved with the following development issues in the region:

  • Noosa on Weyba – A proposed mixed use development on the shores of beautiful Lake Weyba that is in the advanced planning stages. The development covers the first biodiversity offset area in Queensland. An offset which does not meet the State guidelines for biodiversity offsets. Read more…..
  • Airport Expansion – The Sunshine Coast Airport Corporation is currently undertaking an Environmental Impact Study for its plans to expand the airport. Plans include the development of a new East-West runway at the Sunshine Coast airport (replacing the current North-South runway), expanding aviation industries at the airport and upgrading terminal facilities. SCEC has concerns about impacts on flood storage, off-site noise impacts from aviation industries (in particular helicopter training) and increased demand for tourist accommodation. We also question whether investing $0.5 Billion in upgrading the local airport offers the best value for money or whether investing in a good link with Brisbane Airport and CBD might offer better value for money. Read more…….
  • Yandina Quarry –  Just 8 minutes from Coolum Beach – a mega quarry of 500,000 tonnes of rock will be extracted and transported along the haulage road of Yandina Creek-North Arm Rd, along Toolborough Rd and then east or west along Coolum-Yandina Rd at a rate of at least  1 dog & trailer combination every  5 minutes. Read more….
  • New Planning Scheme – The Sunshine Coast Council has prepared a new draft planning scheme for the Sunshine Coast which is open for public comment between the 19th of October and the 14th of December 2012. SCEC is working with a range of people in the environment movement to review the documents focusing on the protection afforded to remnant vegetation, core and connecting habitat and ecosystem services as well as measures to promote the adoption of sustainable design principles and technology in new developments. Read more…..

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