Call to action


Noosa on Weyba

The Mantle Property Group is seeking to the develop a new community on the western shores of Lake Weyba. The site for the proposed development is recognised in the SEQ Regional Plan, the Noosa Plan and the Maroochydore Plan as having significant ecological values. The developer is attempting to make use of a ‘biodiversity offset’ surrendering rights over one area of land in order to obtain rights over another area. Both areas have in fact got high biodiveristy values and therefore very limited potential for development. In other words the developer is offering nothing and seeking something in return.

In November 2010 the Sunshine Coast Council voted against the offset based on the recommendation from their staff who had found that the offset proposal did not comply with State guidelines for Biodiversity Offsets . Unfortunately in the twilight days of the Bligh Government Minister Lucas gave his approval to the biodiversity offset creating an opportunity for the developer to submit a development application.

Friends of Lake Weyba have been actively campaigning against the development and SCEC supports their actions and will be actively reviewing the DA when it is submitted.

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