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Donate_ButtonSEKISUI House, a residential property builder and developer with Japanese origins, revealed plans to erect 17 buildings on a 20ha piece of Yaroomba beachfront ranging from three to 10 storeys.

The project, an application for which will be lodged next year, includes five 10-storey buildings, each 39m tall, one nine-storey building, two of eight storeys, seven buildings to seven storeys and two between two to three storeys.

The company’s senior development manager Evan Aldridge said he wanted to release facts and images on the proposal so the community could provide feedback on correct information.


The Sunshine Coast Council held a special meeting on Tues 30 September to consider amendments to the recently adopted planning scheme  – these are likely to allow Sekisui House to develop high rise hotels and apartments on the beach in Yaroomba. And possibly, Bokarina.  This is the thin edge of wedge to allowing inappropriate high-rise development along our famously low-rise, environmentally significant natural coastline.

There are no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the concept plans or simulations. The community sees beyond the ‘gloss, spin and you won’t even know it’s there’ line.  Low-rise development sympathetic to the natural evironment, amenity and community is supported – not the extreme departure from the newly adopted planning scheme to go from 8.5m to almost 50m!  This courting of council by a developer to make drastic and unwanted changes to the planning scheme which puts the entire Sunshine Coast at risk of unwanted density in inappropriate locations is not on.  We need to have our say – clearly & loudly.


Local group and SCEC member Development Watch recently set out to disprove Sekisui’s claims that the proposed high rises would not be visible from the waterfront and beach. Helium balloons were tied to 39m length string (proposed height of buildings) and located at the same distance setbacks from the road and beach as proposed by Sekisui. The results speak for themselves:

10339704_395170963964983_8402423635200373099_n  10374462_395171030631643_6016210877686032088_n

10473726_395170863964993_5117146133618885662_n  10703553_395170950631651_206409967816650150_n

Stay up to date, share, like and comment on SCEC’s Facebook and support local community group & SCEC member Development Watch  who are doing a great job in taking this issue on and informing the wider community.

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