A look at the Sekisui House proposal

These Google Earth Images clearly show just how visible Sekisui House will be from our beaches making short work of any claims that the development will be 'hidden by the dune profile'.

The images were created by from elevation data and concept plans used by Sekisui House in its "consultation". We have replaced the 'artist impression' of each building with polygon covering the roof area which has been set to an altitude above ground level corresponding to the proposed number of storeys for each building (i.e. 10 storey buildings are 39m above ground level).

If you want to have a closer look in Google Earth, download this archive which contains the .kml file and Sekisui House concept plans.

If you don't want this to be the future of Yaroomba make sure you sign our 'No High Rise at Yaroomba' petition and invite all your contacts to do the same.


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