Almost 500 conditions expose the 'real' Badderam

Thirty-four pages of reasonable and relevant conditions sit behind the recommended approval for this contentious proposal.  Some 480 qualified conditions shows the extent of planning conflicts and why it should not be approved in its current form.

Around 50 substantive conditions relating to geotechnical issues alone demonstrates the risks associated with a development of this bulk and scale atop the Buderim Escarpment.  

The purported 'benefits' all hinge on the delivery and operation of a 5 star hotel requiring an Infrastructure Agreement and a heavy reliance on over-stated economic assumptions.

There are many question marks and no guarantees this proposal will meet the concept marketed to the public and Council. Councillors must objectively consider the many unresolved issues and conflicts that go beyond even these well-crafted and necessary conditions and look to what is appropriate for this sensitive site.  The artist's impressions and the idea might appear attractive, but the reality and complexity of this current proposal shows it severely compromises sound planning provisions and is at odds with the character and intent for this locality. 

Read the Agenda item 8.1.1 DA Box Street reports and contact contact Councillors

You can also take to social media and pen a Letter to the Editor in the lead-up to the 19 April vote at the Nambour Chambers.