At Odds with the Blue Heart

The site is in the area designated by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in partnership with the State Government and Unity Water, as the “Blue Heart” – Blue Carbon initiative. This is a worthy initiative that should be progressed to its maximum extent (5,000 ha) for the multiple benefits it would provide. These benefits include;                                 

  • The Blue Heart will strengthen the Maroochy-Noosa Wallum Corridor;
  • The area has high biodiversity values as recognised at a state and national level;
  • Regional climate resilience;
  • Catchment-wide flood mitigation, storage and conveyance;
  • Ecological restoration and enhancement;
  • Economic and environmental benefits derived from carbon sequestration and ecosystem services;
  • Nature-based (low impact) ecotourism and cultural tourism opportunities;
  • Significant and enduring regional community and social benefits such as parklands, sports fields and open space; and
  • Scenic and visual amenity.

A project such as that currently proposed by Consolidated Properties would irrevocably undermine and negatively impact on the considerable merits and long-term, sustainable public interest benefits of the Blue Heart.