Ban on Single-use Plastics

SCEC joined the call for a ban on single-use plastics and encouraged the community to have their say, which culminated in responses from nearly 20,000 Queenslanders and businesses. Some of the key consultation findings include:

  • 94% supported a ban on single-use plastic straws, plates, cutlery and stirrers
  • there is strong support for banning other single-use plastic products, like takeaway plastic and polystyrene containers and cups
  • 90% agreed that a start date after 1 July 2021 was sufficient time to introduce the ban
  • 80% agreed that more voluntary action to reduce single-use plastics would help reduce plastic pollution, supported by education and awareness campaigns.

Following consultation, it was agreed that a start date after 1 July 2021 would be sufficient time for business, industry and other impacted groups to prepare for the ban.

Legislation is being amended to allow for selected single-use plastic products to be banned and once passed, the ban and its start date will be confirmed.

An implementation plan and timeframes will also be developed in consultation with stakeholders, along with a plan to communicate the ban to Queenslanders and businesses.

Read more on the QLD Government website.