Ban on Single-use Plastics

The Queensland Government has announced plans to introduce legislation to phase out certain single-use plastic products by July 2021. A 'regulatory impact statement' (RIS) has been released for public review. In the first stage of the phase-out, plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery and plates would not be allowed to be supplied to the public from July 2021. The phase-out may include, after further analysis, coffee cups, other plastics and heavyweight plastic bags.

The RIS assesses four choices to eliminate these plastic products:

(1) Maintain the status quo

(2) Ban these products from use

(3) Implement a state-wide education campaign

(4) Provide more litter collection.

SCEC, along with Boomerang Alliance says there is only one option - (2) Ban these products.

These products have preferred alternatives such as avoiding them in the first place or replacing with reusable food ware. Where this is not possible, only 100% compostable packaging should be permissible (Certified to the Australian Standard AS 4736/AS5810).

Join us to call for a ban on single-use plastics! To have your say (by April 30th 2020) click here