The diverse habitats on the Sunshine Coast, found within a geographically short range, make the region a favourite spot for birdwatching.

Uncommon and rare birds, such as the endangered Ground Parrot, Glossy Black Cockatoo, and the Square-Tailed Kite can be regularly seen in the region.


Common birds on the Sunshine Coast

An alphabetical listing of birds that you can easily spot in the region can be found here. In order to give you an idea where you might find them, we have also ordered these birds into the following three categories (please note that some birds such as the White Ibis and the Wood Duck can be found in water as well as in the bush):

  • Water birds/Waders
  • Raptors/Birds of Prey
  • Bush birds

Here you will find a more comprehensive listing of birds that can be found on the Sunshine Coast, together with their latin names, families, habitat and voice descriptions based on ‘A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia‘ by Graham Pizzey. It is compiled from the Gympie City Bird List, Noosa Parks Association bird listing, and the Sunshine Coast Council guides (see below).


Guides on birds in the region can be downloaded from the Sunshine Coast Council pages here. For a quick snapshot, check out this backyard guide below.