Buderim development approved despite risks

Councillors voted 9-2 to approve the controversial Buderim development marketed as 'Badderam'  at Council's 19 April Ordinary Meeting despite the raft of planning issues. Such are the extent of conflicts with the planning scheme (the former Maroochy Plan 2000) against which it was assessed, that some 480 specific conditions (not 158 as quoted elsehwere) were applied plus an essential Infrastructure Agreement (IA). 

The purported 'benefits' all hinge on the delivery and operation of a 5 star hotel being a key part of the IA and a heavy reliance on over-stated economic assumptions which are exposed by the economic peer review. 

These economic assumptions and social benefit claims clearly stretched the ‘public interest’ test and convinced Councillors to somehow justify such a massive departure from sound planning provisions and other relevant considerations.  

So, despite the many question marks and acknowledging a substantial amount of fundamental, detailed work is still required, the concept was unfortunately 'sold' to the majority of Councillors.

The artist's impressions and the idea might appear attractive, but the reality and complexity of this proposal shows it severely compromises sound planning provisions and is at odds with the character and intent for this locality. This shows a worrying trend of virtually ignoring town and locality plans in favour of flawed economic assumptions, financial investment and viability uncertainties and exaggerated community benefits 

Now that an approval has been questionably granted, strict adherance to ALL conditions and the strength of the IA which underpin the development consent must be upheld and water-tight if there is to be a semblence of a compliant project on the sensitive site.