Join thousands of Australians making a difference by reducing your carbon footprint with the help of the ClimateClever App!

SCEC is proud to partner with WA startup ClimateClever to help support the community to take action on climate change and lower energy and water bills. 

The App-based program enables schools, homes and soon businesses to measure, compare and reduce their consumption, costs and carbon footprint from energy, water and waste. People can audit their homes/buildings to help them better understand their carbon footprint, and where they can reduce based on their appliances and usage. They can also analyse and compare their appliances with other users. The App provides tips and recommendations for actions from no-cost, behaviour changes to appliance upgrades. People can manage their action plans online through the platform.

In just four months, one ClimateClever school saved 30% across their energy, water and waste bills, which has led to savings of over five thousand dollars. In many schools, the students lead the process, providing them with important STEM and project management skills. Any resident, school or business within the Sunshine Coast Environment Council network can get 50% off when they sign up using the links below. 

Dr Rauland, Founder of ClimateClever, acknowledges that bushfires, floods and other extreme climate events over the summer has led to a rise in climate grief and eco-anxiety within our communities. With many people feeling powerless, the aim of the ClimateClever partnership is encourage, empower and let individuals within the community know that they can make a difference!

The ClimateClever Initiative was developed based on years of research and pilots through Curtin University where Dr Rauland worked as a research fellow and lecturer for over 10 years.

SCEC is excited to be the first partner on the Sunshine Coast and work with the community to develop innovative ideas to reduce emissions. 

Sign up HERE for homes - only $15/year

Sign up HERE for schools - cost dependent on size of school

If you would like to discuss the ClimateClever App please email or call Natalie Frost, SCEC Coordinator on 5441 5747.