Court decision puts further pressure on endangered species

MEDIA RELEASE - 08 June 2023




The Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) is extremely disappointed with the decision delivered in the Planning and Environment Court today (08 June) by Her Honour Judge Kefford DCJ to uphold the Sunshine Coast Council’s contentious approval of the Sekisui development proposal at Yaroomba.

SCEC’s Narelle McCarthy said “As the Second Appellant in this matter, we will carefully review and consider this latest judgment. 

We do, however, maintain the scale and intensity of the development poses unacceptable threats to the endangered loggerhead turtle and their sensitive coastal habitat.

Yaroomba is an important site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. Turtles need dark beaches to nest, and the artificial light produced from this intensive development with some 750 dwellings and three, seven storey buildings poses a huge risk to their recovery and viability. 

SCEC  also considers this proposal is still at odds with the planning scheme and the community. 

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Photo credit: Cooper Brady Photograpy