Dear Council…. Uphold the planning scheme-no beachside highrise!

Fm ocean Mt Coolum backdrop-FBAt the Special Meeting of the Sunshine Coast Council to consider Planning Scheme amendments on 30 September, Council resolved to defer any decision on such amendments until December. See Minutes A deferral does not mean that a significant amendment, such as undoing the overarching Strategic Intent of the Planning Scheme, is off the table. Yaroomba and other parts of region are still vulnerable to having changes made to accomodate development currently not permitted in the newly adopted Planning Scheme. Like, 17 buildings on less than 20ha at Yarooomba with multiple towers around 40m! So, Councillors still need to hear from you...




Councillor contacts

Write to or ring all councillors making it clear that you do NOT want the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme amended to allow high rise development. The changes to the planning scheme will affect the whole of the Sunshine Coast ..not just Yaroomba. We need to preserve the natural environment that we value and enjoy and that tourists, who do not want a Gold Coast style experience, also rate highly and value.

TELL THEM: 'Do not support amendments to the planning scheme that would allow high-rise, The Strategic Intent of the scheme and the Local Plans must be upheld'



  • the community made their views clear in the consultation leading up to the current Planning Scheme gazetted in May 2014. We do NOT want high rise.
  • Councillors should respect the views of their community
  • recent tourism reports confirm that tourists love the natural environment that exists here on the coast- there is no need to replicate the intense development (like the Gold Coast) to attract tourists- we are already attracting more new visitors than the Gold Coast.  We should be encouraging tourists who want what we have, and not try to compete with other South East Qld tourist centres.
  • the community doesn't want  high rise
  • as the Head of Australian Tourism pointed out, a five star resort can be low rise and fit into its enviromnent- we can accept low rise, low  impact development sympathetic the natural environment and local amenity
  • I don't want high rise
  • this stretch of coastline has critical nesting sites for endangered turtles. They will be negatively impacted by light pollution & high-rise development
  • Sekisui and Council seem to be on their own promoting high rise at Yaroomba- even other developers and ex-Mayors don't think it's a good idea!
  • the 'concept plans' put out recently by Sekisiui are even worse than we could have imagined. There has been no scare-mongering. The community's justified concerns have been borne out by a proposal that is so intense in scale & density that it shouldn't even be contemplated
  • Sekisui will not take any responsibility or vouch for what is being presented in its proposal as part of its 'community consultation'. They are conceptual only -so no guarantee a different version may result. Better or worse? Well, that's up them & Council. Or US!?
  • The coast's vulnerability to climate change & extreme weather events means that putting intensive development and thousands of people in this and other locations in the coastal zone like Bokarina is incredibly irresponsible.
  • There are already too many legacies of poor planning decisions- don't perpetuate more!

TELL THEM: 'Do not support amendment to the planning scheme that would allow high-rise, The Strategic Intent of the scheme and the Local Plans must be upheld'

Email addresses for local councillors are:

Mark Jamieson & put  “Attention Mayor Jamieson” in the subject line Planning Portfolio holder

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