Development Watch applies for adjournment of Sekisui Appeal


Community rally against Sekisui development


October 17, 2019

An application for adjournment of the Court Appeal by Development Watch against Sunshine Coast Regional Council and global Japanese property development company Sekisui House will be heard this Monday October 21 in Brisbane.

Development Watch Legal Officer, Lyn Saxton, said another $110,000 was needed to fund the court case set to start on November 18.  “We are still keen to take our case to court and need an extension of time to raise the money needed so we can retain our brilliant legal team and expert witnesses,” she said.

“The various organisations involved have done an amazing job raising over $210,000 in about nine months.   With Christmas so close we would have the opportunity to engage with a substantial number of the 9,200 odd objectors who like to spend their summer holidays in the natural environment we are famous for and fighting to protect.

“This is a complex case and we are up against a significantly larger legal team retained by Council and Sekisui.  We are hopeful the judge will see from our Affidavit that we have the community support needed to raise the remaining amount but we just need a few more months. 

“We are not going to abandon the 9,200 in the community who want us to keep fighting.”

To date, community organisation Friends of Yaroomba has held a range of events including live music, beach walks and art auctions.  All have been supported by Sunshine Coast businesses, artists, musicians, printers and graphic artists.

The Appeal by Development Watch and the Sunshine Coast Environment Council is against the 2018 decision by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to approve an Application to override the current Planning Scheme in favour of a complex of high rises and intensive residential development on the beachfront at Yaroomba to be built by Sekisui.

The complex includes three buildings of seven storeys plus several other buildings up to six storeys plus 750 dwellings beside sand dunes that are nesting areas for endangered Loggerhead turtles.  Community concerns have also been around the impact of associated traffic congestion and visual amenity as the site is surrounded by key vantage points and properties with views.

Ms Saxton said Monday’s 10am hearing is open to anyone who would like to attend the Planning and Environment Court in the Queensland Courts Building, George Street, Brisbane.



Lyn Saxton, Legal Officer, Development Watch, Mobile:  0428 716 868

Email: [email protected]