e-Bulletin 24th January 2014


24th January 2014

Sunshine Coast Environment Council Inc

You will be well aware that there are some very dark times ahead for our natural environment and those who care about it. Environmental protection measures that have taken years (indeed decades) to achieve are being unravelled in the space of months.

SCEC has been at the forefront of the fightback in Queensland working with other regional conservation groups as well as national and international environment groups. It is clear to everyone that the only way we will be able to stop the current environmental onslaught is through good old fashioned people power.

We are calling on all Sunshine Coast residents who care about and are willing to stand up for the environment. In order to mobilise the community and generate an effective response we need  contact details, skills and interests of as many people as possible.  We are not asking you to become members of SCEC, simply asking you to register (www.scec.org.au/update-details) so that we can communicate if and when required.

In short, please distribute this bulletin through your networks.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Wiebe ter Bals

Executive officer


Volunteers for Earth Hour

SCEC is organising an unplugged music event for Earth Hour, 29th March 2014, and is looking for volunteers to help organise and manage the event. Read online.


Entries for the SCEC Photo Competition close on Sunday

Entries have been rolling in. It is not too late to lodge your entry online. Winners  will take home a brand new digital camera provided by Fujifilm Australia.

Happy snapping!

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From the campaigners desk

cam·paign /kamˈpeɪn/work in an organised and active way towards a goal

SCEC campaigns for environmental protection cover four strategic areas protecting nature, good government, green economy, sustainable communities.

Our latest campaign activities have included...


Noosa on Weyba- decision time

The beauty of Lake Weyba, the high conservation & cultural values of its surrounding environment must be protected from development. Read online.

 Carbon Canaries

Sing up a storm on climate action

SCEC is calling on anyone concerned about climate change to join our community climate change choir: The Carbon Canaries..What are the Carbon Canaries? Read online.


Protect Queensland's National Parks

NPAQ calls on the QLD Government to remove cattle grazing from Queensland National Parks, protect National Parks from high impact recreation and prohibit resort construction. Read online.

 solar citizens suntax image

Solar Citizens Petition: 'Don't tax the Sun'

Solar Citizens has launched a petition to push back against a new proposal floated by the Australian Energy Market Commission to hit every solar home with a fee or tariff.. Read online.



Member Group Events

If your group would like an event listed please send us an email at [email protected] with 'e-Bulletin event' in the subject line. To find out more about upcoming Member Group workshops and events visit our  Member Group page here


Dune Re-vegetation @ Maroochydore Beach

When: This Sunday January 26th from 1.30-3.30pm

Where: Pierce Park, just South of the Maroochy Surf Club Cnr Melrose and Alexandra Pde.

What to bring: Hat, Sunscreen, Shoes and Water (tools, gloves supplied)

For more info email Chris: [email protected]


National & State Campaigns

This is where we would call on people to support national and state campaigns, sign petitions etc again only a short blurb as the bulk will be in the posts below


Opportunities to comment on specific projects                      


Strategic Assessment, Great Barrier Reef – open for comment until 31 January 2014

The Federal Government has released a draft Strategic Assessment for the Great Barrier Reef. The Strategic Assessment is important because, once finalised, it could ultimately remove the need for project by project assessment and approval by the Federal Government for developments impacting upon the Reef. It will also inform the Great Barrier Reef Long Term Sustainability Plan which aims to plan the management of the Reef to 2050.To make a submission or to find out more, see here.

Great Barrier Reef Long-Term Sustainability Plan – open for comment until 31 January 2014

The Federal and State Governments are in the early stages of developing a Long-Term Sustainability Plan for the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area .The Plan will be informed by the outcomes of a strategic assessment of the Reef currently undergoing public notification and comment. The final Plan is supposed to guide the protection and management of the Reef to 2050.

The plan is yet to be developed but anyone can comment on what the key elements/format of the plan should address.  Comments are due by 31 January 2014.  For more information see here.

Draft Koala referral guidelines – open for comment until 7 February 2014

The Australian Government's draft referral guidelines for the koala are now open for public comment until 7 February 2014. The Australian Government developed the draft EPBC Act referral guidelines for the koala to provide further guidance to proponents regarding whether an action is likely to require referral to the Department due to impacts on koalas. The draft guidelines can be accessed from the Department’s website here.

Draft Cape York Regional Plan – open for comment until 25 March 2014

The draft Cape York Regional Plan was released for public consultation on 25 November 2013. The Plan is set to be one of the State Government’s new ‘regional plans’ which sets out strategic, long-term land use for the area.  Comments close on the draft plan by 25 March 2014. Click here for more information on the plan and how to make a submission if you are interested.

Other events in our region


Bunya Dreaming

The Hand and Bond Family along with Mumburi & Barung Landcare would like to invite you and yours to Bunya Dreaming on 26th January 2014 @ Mimburi, 280 Newspaper Hill Road, Belli Park Qld. Activities commence 11.am and registration is essential.


To find out more or register visit the website here


Support local farmers and visit the growers markets

Farmers' Markets are the best source of fresh local produce 'from paddock to plate'. Visit our webpage here on where to find a produce market near you and how to support Aussie farmers.

Find out what else is happening throughout the region on council's 'Whats Happening'  page.



Green spaces have lasting positive effect on well-being: BBC NEWS  12/1/2014

Living in an urban area with green spaces has a long-lasting positive impact on people's mental well-being, a study has suggested.UK researchers found moving to a green space had a sustained positive effect, unlike pay rises or promotions, which only provided a short-term boost.  Read more

EU curbs climate ambitions as economy gets priority: 23/1/2013 The Age The European Union scaled back its long-term climate and energy ambitions on Wednesday, proposing less stringent targets than in the past, because of tougher economic conditions and the need to curb rising energy costs. Read more

Anti-pulp mill campaign ramps up with hundreds turning out for first public meeting. ABC News 23/1/2014

Anti-pulp mill campaigners in Tasmania are mobilising against the pre-election push to secure a buyer for the project. About 500 people attended a public forum in Launceston last night. Read more http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-23/anti-pulp-mill-campaign-ramps-up-with-hundreds-fronting-public-/5214298

EDO MEDIA RELEASE: Sudden Withdrawal of Federal Funding Challenges EDO Qld

The Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) (EDO Qld) were notified without warning that the Commonwealth Attorney-General had decided to immediately terminate direct funding for EDOs across Australia. Michelle Maloney, Chairperson of EDO Qld, said that the four-year funding agreement was terminated after only six months into the term. To read more and find out how you can support this organisation and the important work they do click here.