Hands off Halls Creek

The State Government is insisting we consider future urban development of Halls Creek. But the Sunshine Coast has considered it for over 15 years and doesn't want it. We say, no way, Hands Off Halls Creek.

Halls Creek is an area of approximately 1,400 ha between the Pumicestone Passage and the Bruce Highway, south of the Bells Creek Road. The future of this area has been considered by our local Councils since the early 2000s and they have consistently rejected the possibility of urban development of the area choosing instead to preserve the area as rural open space, providing a buffer to Pumicestone Passage and a vegetated break between the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay (read more).

Now the State Government is insisting Council includes the area in its planning scheme paving the way for urban development of the area in the future.

We say, no way, hands off Halls Creek! This is our community and our community, through its Council, has spoken time and time again and said no development at Halls Creek. Add your voice to the chorus of concerned Sunshine Coast residents and visitors as we call on Minister Jeff Seeney to rule out future development at Halls Creek and remove the Halls Creek Identified Growth area from the SEQ Regional Plan once and for all.

Stop development at Halls Creek, let Minister Seeney know that this community does not want more urban sprawl on the southern end of the coast.

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We, residents and visitors of the Sunshine Coast, deeply concerned with the possibility of urban development of the Halls Creek area and its impacts on biodiversity and water quality in the Pumicestone Passage, the viability of existing communities in the Caloundra and Glass House Region and the character of our region, separated from greater Brisbane by a substantial inter urban break, call upon Minister Seeney to rule out development of the Halls Creek area and to remove the Halls Creek Identified Growth Area from the South East Queensland Regional Plan.