Is 'Badderam' good for Buderim?

The marketing campaign for 'Badderam' touts an 'eco-resort' sympathetic to Buderim's natural environment and amenity.

In their May 2015 request to lodge an application under the superseded Maroochy Plan 2000, the proponents say; “This development retains almost 100% of the property's vegetation. No excessive land clearing is required, making it a truly ecological, site sensitive and sustainable development.”

But is it?

A review of the development application documents for 24-26 Box Street Buderim suggests such claims aren't necessarily supported. 

Application documents actually show a development of a scale that would not sit 'lightly' on the majestic landform that is the Buderim Plateau and its surrounds. Indeed, it is so at odds with long established planning provisions embedded in successive planning schemes (including mapping overlays and significant site constraints), that the intensification represented in this proposal, is incompatible and inconsistent with the values, characteristics and intent of this unique area. 

Preferred use and critical planning issues raised by both the Sunshine Coast Council and the State Government regarding this site have not been reflected in the most recent plans lodged for 'Badderam' in February 2018. This application was recommended for refusal by Council officers last year following rigorous assessment due to unacceptable planning issues. However, a swift and slick marketing campaign devoid of relevant information swung into gear aiming to diminish sound planning grounds. 

Despite the proposed inclusion of some 'sustainable' design and operational elements (which should be mandatory in any development to meet the statutory and universal requirement for Ecological Sustainable Development), the impact of the current proposal described in the application, would appear to significantly outweigh any implied 'eco-credentials'.

Well-designed and appropriately located development generally has some merit. However, there is little evidence of any substantiated or real benefits that 'Badderam' would bring to the Buderim community or the Sunshine Coast broadly, if it were approved in its current form.  Again, this appears to be another development proposed in the wrong place and setting.

Please take the time to review this report which considers the latest application documents lodged in February 2018 to gain a better understanding of what is actually being proposed - not what the selective marketing and public relations campaigns are telling you. You can see the full application MCU15/0270 here.

The application is expected to go to a Council very soon-possibly as early as 19 April. While the statutory notification period has closed for submissions,  you can still ask questions and express your views to Councillors and Council planning officers.