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At the 25 January Ordinary Meeting of the Sunshine Coast Council, a questionable and contentious motion recommending options which would ultimately see the rock walling of the magnificent Maroochy River was sensibly not supported. Instead, an alternative motion put by Mayor Mark Jamieson to undertake further studies and consultation was unanimously passed.


Amongst a range of necessary considerations, this 'pause and revisit' importantly provides  the opportunity to re-establish the Maroochy River Entrance Working Party- a consultative group comprising broad representation offering a range of expertise and knowledge initially convened some twenty years ago. Such a group provides the required independent model to ensure robust and interactive community engagement upon which to base future recommendations which rightly reflect the environmental, cultural, social and economic significance of the Maroochy River.

This feature in the Sunshine Coast Daily explores various aspects and important considerations when it comes to understanding and protecting the values of this most important natural asset- the mighty Maroochy River

Editorial Explainer

The importance of getting the river mouth right

Maroochy River solutions on the table

Questions surround Maroochy River rock wall proposal

All values and concerns need to be addressed

SCEC has been historically active on this issue and will continue to be, so please stay tuned for further updates and actions

In the meantime, you can sign this petition and let Council and us know your thoughts, especially regarding proper community consultation