Make this Earth Day EPA Day!

This Earth Day we need to make a real difference for Queensland. On Saturday 22 April, we will be urging the State Government to announce a new independent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Queensland - the only state without one! Will you help make 22 April EPA Day?

The window of opportunity is closing fast, so our collective voice and strong support could make the establishment of an independent EPA a reality in this term of government. There needs to be a Queensland equivalent working alongside the new Federal EPA - an independent, effective EPA underpinned by sound science, First Nations at the centre and with the power to enforce the rules that protect Queensland’s unique natural places and wildlife. 

We can make this happen together if all of our voices across Queensland are heard in the week leading up to Earth Day which is on Saturday 22 April by:

Here are some key messages you might want to use:

  1. We’re supporting calls for an independent EPA in Qld, as the only state without one

  2. An independent EPA will reduce the risk of industry influence over environmental values

  3. An independent EPA will reduce political interference and ensure more integrity in environmental assessment

  4. An independent EPA will ensure science-based decisions.

  5. An independent EPA will centre First Nations in decision making to better protect Country and culture

In a deepening biodiversity and climate crises, an independent EPA with teeth and powers to effectively protect and restore nature is needed more than ever!

Thank you for standing up for an EPA on Earth Day!

Email Narelle at SCEC on nar[email protected] if you have any questions or feedback.