Public Information

The Surfranch Sunshine Coast website is a blatant marketing tool.

In relation to some of the key issues, particularly in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) the information is either non-existent, obtuse or misleading. This particularly relates to questions related to flooding, residential development, urban footprint and environmental issues.

For example:

  • When asked to justify the claim of 10,000 jobs over the life of the project, the developer indicated there is a formula where the project spend multiplied by a factor gives the number of jobs. This model has been found to be totally flawed in relation to other projects and grossly overestimates employment and is misleading.  
  • The FAQ relating to flooding and Acid Sulphate Soils almost dismisses them by making a statement re mitigation of flood impacts but with no detail.
  • One FAQ asks whether the proposal is outside the urban footprint - in the answer, there is no reference at all to being outside the Urban Footprint under the SEQ Regional Plan 2017 (Shaping SEQ).
  • In terms of commercial drivers they say ”the surf facility must be underpinned by broader commercial drivers such as an eco-lodge, training facilities, residential and tourist accommodation.” Such a statement does not give the full extent and impacts of the other elements of the proposal.
  • At no point do they say that the proposed shopping centre and residential subdivision are prohibited development under the relevant provisions of the Planning Regulation 2017.

Pushing for constrained land north of the Maroochy River for developer ambitions is not their 'call'. There are legislated processes that involve genuine community consultation and transparent consideration of site constraints, not a slick marketing campaign and lobbying the state for objectionable declarations.  The development ambitions of this developer (or any other developer for that matter) is not the means by which planning for an ecological sustainable South East Queensland should be undertaken. The whole Planning Process under the Planning Act 2016 and the principles underpinning that Act define how planning is undertaken.