Maroochydore Sands proposal

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SCEC acknowledges there are environmental considerations which we raise in our submission

We also understand there are other impacts that must be addressed. We are actively engaged in all manner of developments & projects that have significant, irreversible environmental impacts in efforts to ensure the Sunny Coast's environment & lifestyle is protected & enhanced. Caloundra Sth, Palmview, the Meridan Plains sandmine-over 700ha to name a few.

SCEC always advocates on behalf of the community from an informed position. We are also heavily involved in advocating on the State's draft planning legislation (subs also closing 23 October!) to protect community rights, the integrity of local planning schemes & how development applications are assessed, for example. Fundamental components which give confidence in good planning legislation and outcomes are currently at risk in these draft bills. What happens in this legislation will directly affect what happens in our communities and our natural and built environments.

With limited resources we are focussing our efforts (which includes putting in a sub on the Maroochy Sands proposal) on strategic actions, which aren't always apparent, for the benefit of the broader Sunshine Coast.

We commend the efforts of the local community, appreciate the depth of concerns and encourage as many submissions as possible

SCEC also considers the level of awareness raising and consultation has been inadequate.