Noosa on Weyba

FriendsofLakeWeybalogo De-Amalgamation and Noosa on Weyba from SCEC Member Group 'Friends of Lake Weyba' 

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has written to the State Government proposing that the new Noosa Shire Council be appointed assessment manager of the controversial development proposal, known as "Noosa on Weyba" which straddles the boundries of both local governments.

Council stated the obvious; the majority of the site is within the Noosa boundries; the development effectively represents and expansion of Noosa's urban footprint; any future residents, should this outrageous proposal be approved, would predominantly utilise networks and services in the Noosa area, Sunshine Coast Regional Council are applauded for their reasoned, balanced and fitting approach to this extremely problematical application.

Indications are that this has prompted the developers to endeavour to speed up the pending lodgement of the Further Information, requested on over 100 seperate issues earlier this year by Council and State Government, in a rush to progress the application process as far as possible prior to formation of the new Noosa Council on January 1st 2014.

The State Government's draft legislation to amend the Local Government is flawed. this amendment designed almost exclusively to deal with the inappropriate development proposal "Noosa on Weyba" (NoW) which will find itself uncomfortably astride both council boundaries. In it's current form it does not provide for a say by both Local Governments in the decision making process or provide any legal rights to the non-assessing Council. No concurrence agency is appointed. A flaw? A big black hole! The effect? As it stands, Noosa could conceivably have no say at all in assessing the NoW development and no leagal rights to act in the best interests of the Noosa community which will be severely impacted should this sardine city proceed.

Understandably this has generated some submissions which are well worth reading, Click here . NoW! Lets hope sense prevails as the State government committee and parliament considers submissions and departmental presentations.

The application process is now being accelerated by the developer due to the issues outlined above.  This will see the Lake Weyba, Noosa and wider Sunshine Coast communities having their say through submissions during the Public Notification stage likely to conclude before the end of the year. Here is a great presentation put together by Paul Summers of Paul Summers Planning.

Friends of Lake Weyba will facilitate public information sessions and make available information to allow YOU to have YOUR SAY on this contentious issue.

Stay up to date with the status of the application HERE and register your protest HERE . Friends of Lake Weyba will contact you personally when the Public Notification stage has commenced.


SCEC will continue it's involvement and support of this campaign and sees that whatever path is chosen by the Sunshine Coast Council,  one or the other local government does not get a say in the development over its area and cannot be a party to any resultant proceedings. The solution is one assessment manager, one concurrence agency as provided for in other parts of the act.