The Sunshine Coast Environment Council is proud to partner with 'Energy Locals', a clean energy provider that will ensure the future of energy has little impact on our environment. 

Energy Locals has a unique business plan that allows their customers to nominate an organisation they want to donate $10.00 to every quarter. 

By supporting Energy Locals and nominating our organisation you are helping us protect the Sunshine Coast environment. 

To start using clean energy and supporting our organisation click here.

The Importance of Switching to Clean Energy

Electricity is the major source of greenhouse gases, contributing more harmful substances than driving and flying combined. 

Switching to a clean energy provider will reduce toxic buildups in our air and water, lessen the impacts of gas extraction and coal mining and clear the harmful smog.

Here are a few actions you can take to start saving energy;

  • Use energy efficient lighting - use CFL (compact fluorescent light) or LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs 
  • Switch off electrical devices at the power board when you're not using them
  • Turn your water heater to the 'warm' setting
  • Use energy saving settings on your electrical appliances and buy 'Energy Star' labelled appliances when replacements are needed


Energy Locals has a goal for their customers to be able to use as much clean
energy as they need to live comfortable lives at a great value price they can control.
Here are the first things they’re doing about it:

  • Fixed fee: Energy Locals don’t earn money from the amount of energy you use. Instead, their $4.50/week membership gives you usage rates at the cheapest price they can get them. That’s all they earn for providing this service and it makes them nice and cheap.

  • Get their best plan, permanently: Every customer gets their best plan. Simple as that.

  • Unique No Gouging Promise: By not earning money from usage, they can offer their unique promise that you will never be price gouged with Energy Locals. They’ll breakdown every part of any price change.

  • Simple rates: They’ve taken the normal energy tariff model and made it as simple as they can, while still offering all the various combinations that you might want (eg flat rate, time of use etc).

  • Carbon neutral: 100% of the energy they provide to residential and business customers as well as 100% of the energy used running Energy Locals is offset, meaning you benefit from carbon neutral power.

Find out more about what Energy Locals services include here. 

For each customer that signs up to receive clean energy, Energy Locals will donate $40 per year to our organisation. 

Energy Locals has provided us with a unique landing page on their website that will make the process easier if you'd like to switch to a clean energy provider and help our cause.

Included in the plan:

  • Ongoing $10 per quarter donation to Sunshine Coast Environment Council
    • Contribute towards the protection of the beautiful Sunshine Coast
  • $4.50 per week membership
  • Energy usage at wholesale rates
  • 100% carbon offset energy at no extra cost
  • No exit fees or lock ins
  • We don’t profit from your energy usage
  • Prices capped until July 2020

For more information on Energy Locals partnership with the Sunshine Coast Environment Council visit this page.