Places You Love


The Places You Love campaign, of which SCEC is an alliance member, has achieved some positive gains in retaining environmental protection.

By signing petitions, sending the Prime Minister postcards and spreading the word on social media, you are making a difference.

Thank you for standing up for the places and wildlife you love. 
The new Federal Environment Minister Mark Butler has clearly heard that federal control of approval powers should be retained and committed to this in his announcement. Prime Minister Rudd’s statements in his speech to the National Press Club which specifically only mentioned assessment bilateral arrangements (Federal/State assessment process) which encouraged keeping necessary Federal oversight.

There’s more to come on this campaign as the places we love are still vulnerable to a raft of impacts including mining, commercial tourism and clearing. Not to mention a change of government which could still see the powers handed over to the states who are showing an alarming disregard for environmental stewardship and conservation. We must keep up the momentum to ensure that we do not lose any of the ground we've gained and continue to push for further protection of our unique landscapes and wildlife.

So, in the meantime please continue to be part of a growing community movement and visit the Places You Love website, and use the hashtag #placesyoulove on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that we all continue to keep the campaign alive. Don’t forget the Facebook page which we hope you’ll share!


Thanks for your continued support!


SCEC Liaison & Advocacy


* Minister Butler’s announcement on  ABC Rural radio on 18 July 2013.