Protect the Pumicestone Passage Petition


(TAPP) GROUP are concerned that the

Pumicestone Passage is being damaged by over-use for recreational purposes.

  • They are concerned that with the region's increasing population, and more planned for the future, the need to use the passage will increase even further.
  • The Pumicestone Passage is a fragile, beautiful, unique area, with a variety of habitat and wildlife protected by Environmental Legislation, including international treaties. There are important fish breeding areas which sustain species used by both the recreational and commercial fisherman.
  • The Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue have taken 2,600 animals into their facility at Landsborough in the last year, many victims of bird strike by motor vessels, with 95% survival. What if they weren't there to help?
  • Bribie's sand landscape is fragile. The ocean broke across Bribie into the passage on the first week of June 2013. Erosion is made worse by the wakes from inappropriate use of motor vessels.
  • The wellbeing of those living close to the passage is impacted by noise, commonly as a result of motor vessel users contravening regulations close to shore.
  • Fishermen report a reduction in fish stocks and concerns for safety as a result of users contravening regulations.
  • There are concerns also for the continued enjoyment of the Passage as a peaceful, safe and family friendly location for visitors and believe to sustain the beauty and environmental integrity of the passage for the future, adequeate refulations should effectively be in place.

Our Petition: 

  • We hope people will speak up for the Pumicestone Passage by signing our petition.
  • Our petition requests the State Government urgently secure the future of the waterway by developing and implementing a comprehensive management plan which ensures the future health of the Pumicestone Passage.
  • Our petition is both and opportunity for the community to have their voice heard, and for the government to take action to ensure what we enjoy now stays as beautiful for your children's grandchildren.

For further information visit the TAPP website here.