SCEC drives local action on climate change with innovative app

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) has partnered with WA Startup ClimateClever to support their community in taking action on climate change, while also helping to reduce household and school utility bills and increase affordability.


Partnering with ClimateClever is the latest carbon reduction initiative for SCEC that contributes to the broader environmental advocacy work undertaken by SCEC and will be a key tool in addressing climate change on the Sunshine Coast.


Natalie Frost, Coordinator of the Sunshine Coast Environment Council said “We are excited about the ClimateClever partnership and the opportunities it provides to share and implement practical actions to reduce carbon emissions whilst engaging with the community on a wider level.”


Through the partnership, the Sunshine Coast Environment Council receives access to de-identified and anonymised data from users who sign up to the ClimateClever platform within their local area, allowing them to monitor the number of sustainability actions implemented in their community, as well the amount of carbon emissions, consumption and costs from energy, water and waste. 


ClimateClever was founded by Dr Vanessa Rauland, while she was an academic at Curtin University, and was joined by co-founder and CTO Alexander Karan in 2019. The platform is based on years of research and pilots with schools, which demonstrated significant emission and cost savings from implementing no cost, behaviour changes.


“By utilising technology and adopting a ‘citizens-science’ approach to collecting and sharing data, we can accurately track emission reductions and actions implemented”, said Dr Rauland. “It is also powerful in showing that many small individual actions can collectively make a big impact at the community level.”


Sunshine Coast Environment Council’s partnership with ClimateClever enables the Sunshine Coast Environment Council households - whether owner-occupied or rented - to access the ClimateClever Homes App at the subsidised rate of just $15 per year (50% off); an investment that will be easily recouped by making simple changes to behaviour.


Schools with Sunshine Coast Environment Council also receive a 50% discount when joining the ClimateClever Schools program, which provides curriculum resources. Sign up HERE


ClimateClever was also featured in ABC’s three part documentary TV series ‘Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge’, presented by Craig Reucassel (War on Waste).