SCEC needs your help

You may be aware that the Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) has been fighting for the environment for over 40 years. During this time we have been fortunate to have the support of wonderful people like you; as well as our amazing volunteers, member groups and the broader community.

We believe Sunshine Coast’s natural landscapes and marine environments are worth protecting. And we’re extremely grateful that you feel the same way!

The battle ahead of us is a challenging one. And our team is small (with an enormous heart). But we are making every effort to ensure the vital work we do doesn’t stop.

We need your support to continue advocating for better environmental policies, back local groups on vital campaigns, and encourage positive climate action.

We understand that times are tough for so many people right now but we hope you will consider supporting where you can. We wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t incredibly important.

There are so many ways you can get involved:

Make a Donation

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and provide much needed funds to continue our work throughout the Sunshine Coast Region.

Become an Environmental Guardian

Environmental Guardians make a regular monthly contribution that provides reliable and steady funding for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month.

Be a Containers for Change SCEC donor

When taking your eligible recyclable containers to a container refund point you can donate the proceeds to SCEC by using our member number (C10007101) – that’s twice the impact for the environment!

Imagine if 5000 people sent 20 containers per month to a refund point on behalf of SCEC. That would equate to 100,000 containers responsibly recycled and $10,000 invested back into the environment every month.

Host a Fundraiser

As an individual, school, business or community organisation, why not create an event or do an activity to raise vital funds for SCEC.

Join as an Organisation Supporter

Are you making strides into becoming a sustainable organisation? Become a member of SCEC and showcase the work you and your organisation are doing to support the environment.

Leave a bequest

By leaving a gift in your Will you can make a lasting legacy for the environment on the Sunshine Coast and help ensure that it’s enjoyed by generations to come. Please contact SCEC for further information on the process involved.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 07 5441 5747, [email protected] or come in for a visit at 35 Howard Street, Nambour.

Together we can conserve and protect the beauty of our natural world.

Thank you,

Ben, Narelle and the environment of the Sunshine Coast region