SCEC's Involvement


SCEC has long been campaigning to secure conditions that will provide the greatest possible environmental protection throughout the life of this development. Issues of particular concern include: storm water quality and nutrient run-off into the Ramsar listed Pumicestone Passage, sediment erosion, revegetation works, creeks and riparian degradation, the ongoing survival of Wallum frog population and fauna crossings.

SCEC provided a submission to the Public Environment Report (PER) under the EPBC Act which was the last statutory opportunity for the community to raise concerns about the environmental impacts of the development. The outcome from this process resulted in the approval of the development with conditions to be adhered to by the developer. The final approval decision can be found here.

SCEC has been actively involved in the planning process for many years, and continues to work with the local council, state government and directly with Stockland to ensure that the development has a NET POSITIVE impact on the environment and uses the best available sustainable design and technology in all facets of the development (from build form to infrastructure, and from transport to revegetation).

SCEC's engagement efforts has focused predominantly on the key concerns below.