Stand up for the environment

There are some very dark times ahead for our natural environment and those who care about it. Environmental protection measures that have taken years (indeed decades) to achieve are being unraveled in the space of months.

If you're unaware of the extent of environmental roll backs that are under way this backgrounder gives a snapshot overview of just some of the decisions that have been made in the past 12 months.

SCEC has been at the forefront of the fightback in Queensland working with other regional conservation groups as well as national and international environmental NGOs. It is clear to everyone that the only way we will be able to stop the current environmental onslaught is through good old fashioned people power.

To play a lead advocacy role on the Sunshine Coast on local issues as well as support state and national campaigns, SCEC is building up a database of people willing to take action to stand up for the environment by attending rallies, writing letters, calling their local member, signing petitions etcetera.

If you’re concerned about what is happening to our natural environment and are willing to stand up and take action to protect it please join over 1200 other Sunshine Coast residents and register as a campaign supporter with SCEC.