State planning rollbacks

This is a "growth at all costs" landscape. Enough..

The state government has pushed through another raft of rollbacks under the misnomer of "reform"

While SCEC is in the process of fully assessing the consequences of these changes, it is evident that the some of the last remaining environmental provisions in the Vegetation Management Act (which was all but dismantled earlier this year) are gone. The community needs to stand up in the face of this unrelenting and misguided growth agenda which is leaving a legacy of environmental and social destruction. Hardly the "prosperous" future being touted!

Here's the update from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning

13 August 2013

Amendments to the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009

The Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 was amended by the Sustainable Planning Amendment Regulation (No. 4) 2013 on Friday 2 August 2013.

The amendments result in the following changes:

  • amendment of schedule 13A (Excluded matters for Strategic Cropping Land (SCL) or potential SCL concurrence agency jurisdiction) to include aquaculture, community infrastructure mentioned in schedule 2, and saleyards. The amendment will exclude these matters from concurrence agency jurisdiction for the assessment of impacts on SCL or potential SCL
  • amendment of schedule 24 (Clearing of native vegetation- not assessable development under schedule 3, part 1, table 4, item 1) to include new items under part 1 (Clearing and other activities or matters- general) for clearing vegetation for an airport-related purpose on airport premises, and clearing vegetation for community infrastructure mentioned in schedule 2. The amendment exempts these developments from vegetation management assessment
  • inserting relevant definitions supporting the operation of the provisions, for airport premises, airport-related purpose, livestock, and saleyard.

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