Jillian Rossiter | VICE-PRESIDENT

Jillian is an experienced businesswoman and teacher. She joined SCEC in 1990 and has held the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary.

Jillian edited the magazine ‘Eco Echo’ (the Green Voice of the Sunshine Coast) for ten years. She has interviewed some of the Sunshine Coast’s most celebrated environmental warriors including Stan Tutt. Jillian wrote and compiled the Sunshine Coast Daily column ECOlines.

Public awareness is Jillian’s passion. In 2000 she began programming and coordinating the well-respected environmental venue, ‘The GREENhouse’, at the Woodford Folk Festival. Until 2010 Jillian brought together environmentalists, academics, farmers and business people on stage, over a six day festival, to discuss the big issues of the day. Jillian staged the Great Green Debate at Woodford with a regular audience of 2000.