What is SCEC concerned about?

Water Quality & Flow 

The development will significantly alter storm water flows across the site taking nutrients from a newly urbanised area into Lamerough Creek and Bells Creek and on into the Pumicestone Passage (an internationally significant Ramsar Wetland). Water running off the site should meet water quality standards that will aid the recovery of the Pumicestone Passage and should maintain a flood regime that is consistent with historical flooding of environmentally significant areas on and adjacent to the site.



EP Zone & Corridors

The development scheme and master plan make provisions for the revegetation of an environmental protection zone (400 ha) and biodiversity corridors along the creeks that run through the site. The revegetation of these areas should be undertaken as a matter of priority and key stages in the development should be made contingent on the delivery of expected outcomes for the revegetation process. Corridors should actually link the newly revegetated conservation area with existing habitat areas to the North, East and West of the side and should make provisions for safe fauna movement throughout the site and across the Bruce Highway.