WED Fest - Enhancing the Soil Microbiome in Ecosystem Restoration Presentation

Enhancing the Soil Microbiome in Ecosystem Restoration 

Friends of the Forest are hosting a presentation by Dr. Sandra Tuszynska about the essential role of soil microbial diversity in plant health and immunity, soil moisture retention, weed management and carbon sequestration. Sandra will encourage land managers and bush regenerators to cultivate and enhance the soil microbiome, through creation of optimal worm farm and composting systems and explain the role and use of weeds in soil and habitat restoration.

Sandra’s Bio

Dr. Sandra Tuszynska is a soil microbiologist and ecologist with a special interest in the role of fungi in ecosystem function, as nature’s feeders, regenerators, protectors and innovators. As a trained soil mycologist and soil food web microscopist, Sandra seeks to work with passionate bush regenerators, councils and food producers to restore soil health by reinstating a functional soil microbiome to as much land as possible. Her love of communicating the science behind the wonders of soils, captures her audience's hearts, inspiring their actions towards a biodiverse future.

Registration: $10 with the option to donate more to raise funds for the purchase of an epifluorescence microscope, which will allow for detection of root symbiotic fungi and other essential organisms to assess the health of the soil microbiome in bush regeneration and sustainable food production efforts. Friends of the Forest are currently caring for an endangered remnant habitat called Greenhide Reserve, which will be the first study site.   


June 12, 2021 at 10:00am - 12pm
Natalie Frost