WED Fest - Guided Yandina Creek Wetland Trail WAITLIST


Join us for a special guided interpretive walk in this space of ecological significance as part of the 2021 WED FEST #generationrestoration.

You will be guided by environment project officers and ecologists from both Unitywater and Sunshine Coast Council around the 1.7 km boardwalk wetland trail (complete with bird hides). Enjoy a commentary that builds understanding of the value of this special place, the species that call it home and the future aspirations of Blue Heart Sunshine Coast, an award winning partnership project that the wetland forms part of.

What to wear

The walk is 1.7 km return and we recommend you wear covered shoes and sun smart clothing (definitely a hat)

Note: Area prone to mosquitos, so bring your preferred repellent as well as sunscreen along.

About the Yandina Wetland project

In 2016, Unitywater purchased two lots of former cane farming land on River Road, Maroochy River as part of a larger program to improve the health of the rivers and creeks in the area. Much of the former cane land is being restored as a wetland. This wetland removes nutrients and sediments from the river, which improves water quality and overall river health. Unitywater can offset the amount of nutrients removed by these wetlands against the nutrients discharged to the Maroochy River following treatment of the local community’s sewage.

Yandina Creek Wetland has now been transformed into a birdwatcher’s delight! Unitywater completed works on a 1.7km (return) trail walk and bird viewing hide in March 2020. The site is now open to the community to enjoy, take a walk with nature and have a chance to spot some of the 100-plus species of wildlife calling the wetland home.

About Blue Heart Sunshine Coast

Blue Heart Sunshine Coast is a place, a project and a partnership.

The Blue Heart is an area of more than 5,000 hectares on a natural floodplain in the Maroochy River catchment. At its core is about 1,500 hectares of public land. This includes council's Coolum Creek Environment Reserve network, the Queensland Government's Coolum Creek Conservation Park, and Unitywater's Yandina Creek Wetland.

Blue Heart Sunshine Coast is an innovative partnership between Sunshine Coast Council, the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science and Unitywater. The partners will proactively work together to achieve the Blue Heart project objectives.

The Blue Heart provides flood storage for the Maroochy River Catchment. Preserving flood storage within the Blue Heart is critical to the ongoing flood management of the catchment and in particular the built environment.

This floodplain area is already impacted by tidal inundation. Over time the area is expected to continue transitioning due to climate change and projected sea level rise. This Blue Heart project seeks to manage the land and water through this transition to provide positive outcomes for our environment, community and economy. 

Blue Heart project objectives:

  • Protect the most critical areas of the floodplain under public ownership
  • establish a regionally-significant complex of wetland and floodplain ecosystems
  • enhance water quality in the Maroochy River through nutrient management and sediment reduction works
  • provide community and recreation opportunities through regional parkland, open space and trails
  • establish new uses for existing rural and agricultural lands, including economic opportunities for landowners.

The Blue Heart Sunshine Coast is a Transformational Action for Council's Environment and Liveability Strategy - delivering a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast in 2041.

June 19, 2021 at 11:00am - 12pm
Yandina Creek Wetlands
372 River Rd
Yandina, QLD 4561
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Natalie Frost