What are the alternatives?

A “Do Minimum” alternative 

A “Do Minimum” alternative was also proposed as part of the EIS process. This upgrade to the airport would achieve CASA compliance for runway widths.

  • The current runway would be widened to 45 meters and extended 60 meters beyond the existing strip.
  • This alternative would also increase runway safety areas at both ends.
  • The estimated expenditure for a “Do Minimum” alternative is between $70 M and $80 M, compared to the expansion project estimated expenditure at $347 M.  The AEIS released results of the economic analysis for the ‘Do Minimum’ alternative – NPV $297.6 M and BCR 9.561.

The Sunshine Coast Airport discounted this option on the grounds that it “would just maintain access to the existing limited, mainly east coast, domestic markets” while also not being “consistent with SCC objectives to support the regions’s economy.”


A "Do Nothing" alternative

‘Do Nothing’ requires no immediate construction and ongoing operation will be as is.