Charismatic and iconic marine fauna contribute to Queensland's booming marine tourism industry. People expect to see migrating whales and pods of dolphins when they visit our shores - it's part of Australia's story and appeal. We cannot forget the rest of the Australian story however - the part that includes brown snakes, deadly jellyfish, crocodiles and of course, sharks. All species must be embraced in order for our natural environment to thrive, and for our tourism industry to continue to grow.  

As an apex predator, sharks play a crucial role in maintaining ecological integrity in the marine environment. From the little knowledge we have of global shark populations, it is predicted that numbers are dwindling as a result of over-exploitation from fishing and game hunting. Population studies have led to the protection of a number of shark species, including the often feared, and minimally researched, White Shark. 

It's time to enhance shark research and adopt modern non-lethal technology as a priority to ensures both beach goer and marine life safety. Scroll down to find out how you can help.