The Sunshine Coast Environment Council has been the peak environmental advocacy group protecting the beautiful Sunshine Coast for 40 years. We advocate for better environmental policy, support local groups on campaigns to protect our natural landscape and marine environments, and encourage action on climate change through education and community engagement.

 In a time of rampant development in the late 1970’s, dedicated conservation groups and individuals from all over the Sunshine Coast came together to become a united voice for the environment. In 1980, the Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC) was born. SCEC continues to be a strong and respected voice as the peak environmental advocacy group for the region – having worked with groups on over 80 campaigns to promote and protect the natural values of Queensland’s magnificent Sunshine Coast.


Humane Society International decries politicking over sharks

Humane Society International says the new drumlines the Queensland Fisheries Minister is installing on Queensland beaches will serve no public...

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