Campaigning to Protect the Sunshine Coast Environment Since 1980

SCEC dedicates its efforts to safeguarding the region's ecosystems and biodiversity against the adverse consequences triggered by urban expansion, deforestation, climate fluctuations, pollution, and other challenges stemming from population growth. Our activities encompass not only environmental protection but also extensive advocacy and outreach initiatives. Collaborating with our member groups, we unite tens of thousands of community members, working tirelessly to educate and rally people around the most pressing issues affecting the Sunshine Coast.


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EOFY Tax Deductible Donation

To drive impactful change and keep our advocacy and voice strong, we need your support. Here’s how you can support SCEC as the Regional Conservation Council and peak environmental advocacy organisation since 1980...

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Our commitment to environmental change

The majority of Sunshine Coast residents reside in a narrow coastal strip. As the effects of climate change gradually intensify, coastal communities across the globe will grapple with complex choices concerning coastal management strategies.

SCEC maintains vigilant oversight of planning matters and development proposals submitted for council review. We actively respond to applications that have the potential to significantly influence the natural environment of the Sunshine Coast.

Transformative and enduring change necessitates collective community engagement. SCEC harnesses the power of local events to provide a platform for the broader community to become involved in sustainability matters and take responsibility for ecologically sound behaviours. Through our community engagement events we aim to inspire a region-wide shift toward ecologically conscious practices.

Sunshine Coast Environment Council was founded with the help of our dedicated members and supportive community. For over 40 years, together with our member groups and the community, we have worked towards the preservation of the Sunshine Coast region.


Our Work

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Advocacy & Outreach

We work closely with the community & our member groups to advocate, represent and educate thousands of community members about the biggest issues the Sunshine Coast faces now and in the future. 


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Climate & Conservation

Our climate and conservation campaigns look specifically at how we as humans can make sustainable choices to reduce our impact on the beautiful place we call home.


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Planning & Development

Our activities and advocacy in planning ensures that all developments are ecologically sustainable and avoid development in conservation areas.


Our Events

We attend and promote plenty of events across the Sunshine Coast, if you would like to attend an upcoming event, please see the details below for an event near you!

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Take Action

We wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without your support. Through your generous contributions to our organisation, we are able to work to continue protecting our natural environment. There are plenty of ways that you can support our cause. If you would like to help us continue our work, please select an option that works for you!

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