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Protecting the Sunshine Coast's wildlife through support and change 

For over 40 years, the Sunshine Coast Environment Council has been the voice for the Sunshine Coast environment. From the hinterlands to the coast, SCEC has helped gazette many of the region's iconic National Parks to protect their outstanding conservation values, stood-up for the magnificent Marcus High Dunes in the face of unrelenting development to form the critical and biodiversity rich Maroochy-Noosa Wallum Corridor and expand the Noosa National Park.

With your generous support, we can continue to be at the forefront of environmental advocacy for many years to come.

All donations are tax-deductible!

If you prefer to donate via Direct Debit, please email us at finance@scec.org.au with your contact details and details of your donation so we can provide a receipt.

Account details below:

BSB: 633 000
Account number: 140 763 806
Account name: Sunshine Coast Environment Council

If you would like to make regular contributions, please go to the Environmental Guardians page and choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually.

How your donation can help our region

Donating to SCEC makes a substantial impact on safeguarding the Sunshine Coast's exceptional wildlife and natural marvels, including our cherished marine turtles. Your generous contribution matters and can make a transformative difference. Your donation to SCEC echoes across generations, making a lasting difference in protecting and preserving the Sunshine Coast's natural heritage.

  • Preserving Unique Biodiversity

Your donation directly contributes to the conservation of the Sunshine Coast's diverse wildlife and native flora. Ensuring their preservation for future generations.

  • Establishment of National Parks

SCEC's efforts have led to the establishment of iconic National Parks. By protecting these coastal and hinterland areas, we can continue to protect precious natural resources for generations to come.

  • Resisting Development

By backing SCEC, you stand against constant urban development. Such as the preventing the destruction of the magnificent Marcus High Dunes, which supports the Maroochy-Noosa Wallum Corridor and Noosa National Park.

  • Urgent Climate Action

SCEC's proactive campaigns drive the call for immediate climate action. Your contribution empowers these campaigns to amplify their impact and effect change.

  • Climate Resilience

Your donation supports SCEC's commitment to nature-based solutions that combat climate change effects. This includes safeguarding vegetation in reserves, parks, and urban wildlife corridors to bolster resilience against environmental challenges.

  • Opposing Ecologically Harmful Development

Your support empowers SCEC to oppose developments that harm ecosystems and wildlife, ensuring sustainable growth and protecting natural habitats.

  • Future Advocacy

With your generous contribution, SCEC will persist as a frontrunner in environmental advocacy, fighting for environmental sustainability for years to come.