Les Hall YC Award

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Who was Dr Les Hall?

From a young age, Dr Leslie Hall AM (1942-2019) was captivated by the natural world. He learnt from his father that every animal had a specific name and important role to play in the local ecosystem. This led to the foundation of an extensive career in scientific research, teaching and discovery.

Although Les is best known for his pioneering research and advocacy on bats, his knowledge of Australian wildlife and their habitat had few bounds. Putting this knowledge into action was important to Les throughout his career and in his later years in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

“Unless you put it into action, knowledge is not worth having.” Les Hall 2014

“Something I’m very passionate about is giving wildlife a chance before it is faced with extinction.” Les Hall 2017. 

About the Award

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council is proud and honoured to partner with the Hall family and Sunshine Coast Council to present the Les Hall Young Conservationist Award. The journey for all great conservationists starts with a passion for the environment and a desire to do something to protect it. Follow in the footsteps of Dr Les Hall and make a difference in your local environment!

Les was a man of action. A forward-thinking man with a vision for a better future for our wildlife and the passion and drive to get on the ground and make that vision a reality. In recognition of what he achieved in the field of wildlife conservation, this award will recognise an individual or group that has shown vision, innovation and passion and has achieved an outstanding outcome for wildlife conservation on the Sunshine Coast.

This award aims to encourage youth to take an active role in conservation, increase awareness of threats in the region and demonstrate the power and innovation of students to make a difference for Australia’s native wildlife.


Nominate for the annual award using the online nomination form will be available soon 

Nominations Open November 2023


  • Nominees must have been 18 years or younger when the project was completed.
  • Project must achieve outcomes within the Sunshine Coast local government area and be active or completed within 12 months prior to nomination.
  • Nominees may nominate themselves or be nominated by a 3rd person. 


  • Group must be made up of at least 75% members who are 18 years or younger when the project was completed.
  • Project may have an adult mentor but must demonstrate that it is primarily driven by the members.
  • Project must achieve outcomes within the Sunshine Coast region and be active or completed within 12 months prior to nomination.
  • Students may nominate themselves or be nominated by a 3rd person. 

All nominations will be assessed and the winner decided by a panel, with those shortlisted receiving public recognition and promotion of their projects.

As Dr Les Hall would offer to his brightest charges, the winner will receive an opportunity to participate in an activity that will enhance their skills in this field.

Group 2023 Winner

Jarrah Small Capricornia School of Distance Education


Previous Finalists

2023 Molly Evans and Sunshine Coast Grammar School                         

2022 Winner Taylor Ladd-Hudson Finalist and Spencer Hitchen             

2022 Winner Taylor Ladd-Hudson addressing the crowd at For The Ocean - A WED Festival 2022 event


2021 Winner - Josh McCord Farm Forestry Project 


2020 Finalists - Maleny Teens Fundraising Project