Advocating for the Sunshine Coast

Advocacy & Outreach

Advocacy and Community Outreach Sunshine Coast

Engaging in advocacy and community outreach is a vital aspect of our work. Collaborating closely with our member groups, we serve as representatives for tens of thousands of Sunshine Coast residents. Our relentless efforts are focused on educating people on the most pressing challenges confronting the Sunshine Coast. Through these endeavours, we strive to make a positive impact and bring about meaningful change in our community.

Conservation Campaigns

turtle trapped in net

Shark Nets

Our Shark Nets campaign is asking the QLD government to remove ineffective and outdated shark control equipment during the Humpback Whale migration season, and have this replaced with modern non-lethal technology.


koala sitting in tree holding baby


SCEC is also part of an alliance with a collection of national eNGO's to put a stop to unsustainable land clearing.


yandina creek wetlands


Yandina Creek Wetlands Story


meetings with member groups

Member Group & Environment Minister Meetings

We provide a platform for our members to discuss the issues of the highest environmental concern. SCEC holds annual meetings for our member groups to meet and create a brief to be submitted to the Environment Minister. SCEC continues to advocate for our member groups at the Environment Minister roundtable events held twice per year. Here, we have the opportunity to raise important issues facing the Sunshine Coast with the Environment Minister of the day directly.

Our attendance in these roundtable events allows us to be immersed in other issues happening across the Queensland conservation sector. It is important to be aware of all issues happening even if they are matters of state, national or international significance. The roundtable event goes for four days, giving us the opportunity to attend workshops hosted by the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC).

Become a MembeR Group 

Pushing change through all levels of government

SCEC staff and members are dedicated to driving change through the community, government, and throughout the country by writing submissions. When we aren’t busy working on campaigns, organising events, or making plans to take action, we are part of broader conservation outcomes that are discussed Australia-wide. Our dedicated team regularly meets with local councils, attends meetings and seminars, and contributes to local inquiries and discussion papers.

 Local Councils

SCEC works closely with local council to discuss finding solutions to environmental challenges within the Sunshine Coast region. Together, we share expertise, input and advocate for environmentally sustainable policies and practices.

 Council Ordinary Meetings

This allows us to stay informed about ongoing developments, participate in discussions related to environmental matters on the council's agenda, and voice concerns or suggestions to council members.

 Seminars, Workshops, and Information Sessions

SCEC actively participates in various seminars, workshops, and information sessions organised by the local council. These events provide opportunities to learn about new developments, policies, and initiatives related to local environmental issues and contribute their insights to the discussions.

 Meetings with Parliament

SCEC engages with members of Parliament to address environmental issues that extend beyond the local area. By meeting with MPs, we can raise awareness of state and national environmental concerns and advocate for policies and legislation that prioritise sustainability and conservation.

How we take action

 We collaborate with the Environmental Defenders Office to host community information and discussion events.

 We organise sessions to provide campaign information and hold election forums.

 We actively participate in discussion panels addressing diverse topics, including plastic pollution and climate change.

How to help

Sunshine Coast Environment Council Outreach & Education

Annually, we organise the World Environment Day Festival, fostering community engagement, education, and environmental action.

We set up information stalls at events such as Maleny Wood Festival, conduct public film screenings, and host member group gatherings.

We regularly host community information nights dedicated to campaigns, providing valuable insights into environmental issues and empowering individuals to take impactful actions.

Community Involvement

The SCEC team is focused on matters of high environmental significance which is determined by the assessment of each issue. When we are unable to handle an issue, we provide a plan and campaign to our concerned residents. We encourage residents to form groups to share, gather and discuss information and create a place of action within the public. This can either be done via social media or through a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.

We encourage all of the region's public to take charge where they can. The voice of our community is very powerful, and with a concerned approach, there is no limit to what we can achieve together. Even when SCEC cannot take the lead, we still love to hear about how the campaign evolves and how we can be of assistance.