Advocating for the Sunshine Coast

About SCEC

Preserving the Sunshine Coast’s natural environment for over 40 years

We work closely with Sunshine Coast community stakeholders including our member groups to advocate for environmental protection in response to development pressures from our rapidly growing local community. This includes property developers as well as local, state and federal governments. We acknowledge that we are in a climate emergency and urgent action is needed. In 2021, SCEC’s management committee passed a motion recognising the severity of the crisis.

The motion stated that, “SCEC acknowledges the ongoing climate change emergency and calls on local, state, and federal governments to act swiftly and decisively to reduce carbon emissions to avert dangerous climate change.”

Alongside environmental protection for our region, we also advocate for deeper and worldwide environmental issues such as climate change and resource depletion. Although these issues cannot be solved by just one person, we believe that with your support and our assistance, we can create change towards a sustainable future.

How to help

 Our mission

Through leadership, education and environmental advocacy, SCEC strives to encourage Sunshine Coast individuals and communities to support and participate in working towards the goal of environmental sustainability.

 Our Vision

An ecologically sustainable world is achieved through individual and community stewardship of the natural environment at local, regional, and global levels.

Our Preservation Strategy

We want to effectively preserve the natural beauty the Sunshine Coast region has to offer. We do this by focusing on four broad strategic areas.

  • Preserving Nature

Preserving and protecting all remaining natural areas to encourage a habitat where our local wildlife and fauna can move through our landscape is crucial. This should be implemented into any existing ecosystems that are currently vulnerable and expanded to the point where they are no longer threatened.

  • Supportive Government

Encouraging local, state and federal governments to develop, implement and act on policies and laws that can support environmental restoration and prevent further harm. A plan for environmental protection must be harnessed by all levels of government. These plans include; energy, water, town planning, transport, emission reduction and waste management.

  • Sustainable Communities

Choosing/selecting products and engaging in activities that promote environmental well-being and minimise harm to our planet – whether it’s the food we consume, the clothes we wear, or the energy we utilise. By adopting a mindset of critical consumption, we can play an active role in safeguarding the environment.

  • Changing Economy

We are facing challenges from deforestation, depleting fish populations, and the escalating impact of carbon emissions on global warming. It is imperative that we overhaul the economic system, shifting towards renewable energy sources, establishing a circular flow of materials, and mitigating the release of harmful pollutants into our environment.

World Environment Day

Since 1979 the environmental advocates of the Sunshine Coast have been gathering in the first week of June to celebrate World Environment Day (WED). The festival has become the region's biggest environmental event and is the longest-running event in South East Queensland.

The festival is celebrated across the Sunshine Coast from the very first event in Fairhill to Cotton Tree, Eumundi Markets, and the University of the Sunshine Coast. SCEC is very proud to be a part of such a monumental event and couldn’t be prouder of the work it celebrates. 



Our History

Sunshine Coast Environment Council was founded with the help of our dedicated members and supportive community. For over 40 years, together with our member groups and the community, we have worked towards the preservation of the Sunshine Coast region.

Want to learn about what the Sunshine Coast might’ve looked like if it wasn’t for organisations like ours alongside other like-minded people? You can read the article written by one of our SCEC Life Members, Elaine Green/Ricketts.