Volunteering at SCEC

Join the movement towards an ecologically sustainable world, driven by individual and community commitment to nurturing our natural environment on local, regional, and global scales. Your action matters – become a part of this vital change by supporting us today!

Volunteers have always been at the heart of SCEC and it cannot achieve great environmentally sustainable outcomes for the community without community participation. SCEC is looking for volunteers to take on a variety of roles within the organisation to support its focus.

  • SCEC volunteers will be part of the team and learn how Not-for-profits operate in the conservation sector.
  • The added benefit of volunteering at SCEC is that you are playing your role for conservation in the Sunshine Coast region.

Prior knowledge and skills are great but not a pre-requisite with in-house training available for all roles.
To become a volunteer you must:

  • 18 years old or more
  • Display a genuine interest in volunteer work
  • Have a genuine interest in the health of the environment
  • Be actively engaged in environmentally sustainable practices
  • Be able to apply best practice procedures in a work environment
  • Be willing to work under the direction of staff within the guidelines for volunteers
  • Have a strong environmental ethic and a commitment to the objectives of SCEC
  • Be willing to promote a positive community response to environmental challenges
  • Have a firm belief that a sustainable community is a worthwhile and achievable objective
  • Be able to contribute to SCEC in a meaningful way