Premiere screening of the ‘Sunshine Coast Climate Emergency Declaration Film’

Attendees at the Sunshine Coast Environment Council's May Green Drinks event watched the premiere screening of this locally made film documenting the power of community action.

The film covers the story of a collection of environmental and activist community groups banding together to motivate a large number of ordinary community members to act on an issue of global importance, but which has intensely local impact.

This issue is human-induced climate disruption. In other words, global heating and climate change. 

This action consisted of the coming together of 15 community action groups into a network of collaboration. The network was given the title Urgent Climate Action Network - Sunshine Coast (UCANSC). The major goals was to push the Sunshine Coast Council to declare a Climate Emergency.

Sunshine Coast Council is only the second local government jurisdiction in Queensland to do this, but there are 117 jurisdictions throughout Australia that have done so, covering 45.7% of the Australian population. 

This story is documented in an engaging video that follows the progress of this community action project. 

Watch the documentary here:

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