Community-Driven Renewable Energy in Caloundra

Discover how Caloundra's community-driven renewable energy initiatives, supported by a $40 million commitment from the Queensland Government, are pioneering emission reduction efforts and promoting equitable access to clean energy.

The Queensland Conservation Council and Sunshine Coast Environment Council applaud the community-driven renewable energy and climate action initiatives announced today in Caloundra. With a $40 million commitment from the Queensland Government, Caloundra will lead the state in reducing emissions and energy costs by establishing local renewable energy zones.

These initiatives aim to empower households and communities through the use of solar power, batteries, and other renewable technologies, providing cheap electricity and allowing excess energy storage for nighttime use. This investment supports the goal of reducing energy bills and emissions, addressing both climate change and the rising cost of living.

Clare Silcock, Energy Strategist at the Queensland Conservation Council, highlighted the importance of this move in meeting the state's emission reduction targets and making small-scale renewable energy accessible to everyone, including renters and low-income households. Narelle McCarthy, Advocacy and Engagement Manager at the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, emphasized the significance of community batteries and local renewable systems in providing equitable access to clean energy.

Caloundra, a leader in rooftop solar and battery storage, has been designated a Local Renewable Energy Zone. This pilot project reflects the community's demand for sustainable energy solutions and showcases the government's responsiveness to these needs. The region's commitment to increasing rooftop solar contributes to its innovation and sustainability efforts, essential in the fight against climate change.


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