Conservationists and Scientists Unite for Smart Regional Planning

Conservationists and scientists have launched a plan to create 'no-go' development zones in Queensland, aiming to protect threatened species and promote smart regional planning.

18 June 2024

Conservationists and scientists have launched a new plan advocating for regional planning that protects threatened species like the spotted-tail quoll. The report, backed by Queensland Conservation Council, Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF-Australia, and Birdlife Australia, outlines an eight-point plan to create 'no-go for development' conservation zones.

This initiative urges the State and Federal Government to fulfill their 2022 promise to establish bioregional plans in Queensland. Despite a recent $2 million commitment in the State Budget, progress remains slow.

Queensland Conservation Council's Nature Campaigner, Natalie Frost, emphasized the need for clear conservation zones to protect habitats from development, highlighting areas like western Springfield and the Glasshouse Mountains.

Professor James Watson from the University of Queensland stated that mapping critical habitats is essential for the survival of Queensland's threatened species.

The Queensland Conservation Council is calling on the Federal Government to expedite Stage 3 of the new nature positive laws to protect species like the spotted-tail quoll and glossy black cockatoo.

The council welcomes the $2 million investment, which will expand the team from 3 part-time to 8 full-time staff to develop the bioregional plans.

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