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Florabunda Pocket BushCare Action Bee

Saturday 2nd March 2024 from 7am

Here's our favourite recent weeding skills practice site out near the back Rugby oval Woombye. We ignored this bit  last month as the Ecollaboration team had recently sprayed it. Now it's looking much clearer and this Saturday we'll do some touch up parts to get important weeds the herbicide missed. We'll have some other areas for weed eradication skill improvement too. Plenty of choice of site. Get in quick for a site in the shade is my tip. And we'll have a few native plants to install as well.

If you'd like to join in this native animal habitat improvement activity, come in long everything bush protective clothing including boots/shoes and a hat. We'll have all the tools needed, but bringing your own favourites is good too.

Access to site is to come down Laidlaw Rd Woombye and turn right, through the big wire mesh gate just above the Gymnastics Hall. Follow that bitumen road out to the back rugby oval where you'll see us assembling.
And leave time to join in the cuppa from about 9am when the weeds will be all gone! 

Regards, Norm Morwood. BCSC Coordinator.
Woombye 0409 63 99 44

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