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Friday Environment Forum- Galapagos of the South? You decide?

Friday 12th April 2024 10am

Noosa Parks Association is proud to host the Friday Environment Forum.

The Friday Environment Forum is a public information exchange, provided by guest speakers, covering a range of current conservation and environmental issues. The Friday Environment Forum is held at the Environment Center at Wallace Park, Noosaville.

  • Entry is $5 by ‘tap & go’ . This will include morning tea/coffee.

  • Morning tea will be available from 10am – 10.25am.

  • Please be seated in the Arthur Harrold room before 10.30am so we can start promptly.

  • Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have COVID 19 symptoms.


Galapagos of the South? …you decide… With Guest Speaker Gillie Matthew

You could fly 5000 kilometres as the albatross flies from London and reach Dubai.

Or you could travel 5000 kilometres by sea, south-east of New Zealand to see what is reputed to be ‘the most diverse collection of seabirds in the world’.  When you hear there are 40 breeding seabirds, that’s 11 percent of the world’s entire seabird population, 15 species of albatross and 14 species of penguin, as a bird and nature lover you will probably start to swoon.  And that’s only the birds!     

It’s not all smooth sailing.  The Roaring Forty and Furious Fifty latitudes are home to seven groups of islands which once hosted sealers and whalers but are now protected by UNESCO World Heritage, rough seas and isolation.  

Come with Gillie Matthew on her journey to The Snares, Auckland Islands, Macquarie Island, Campbell Island, Antipodes, Bounties and Chathams, apply your experience with biodiversity and let’s make a consensus decision: is it a “Galapagos of the South”?  Gillie is a keen birder with considerable experience working in the parks and conservation areas of government and is a popular speaker at Friday Forum.


Join the bird observers at 8.30am in the carpark for interpretive birding


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