Region's future in the balance this election - 14/3/2024

The Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC), the region’s peak not-for-profit environmental advocacy organisation for the region since 1980, has canvassed candidates vying for election in the next term of the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Councils on a range of environmental and sustainability issues and initiatives. SCEC is a non-partisan, apolitical organisation.

As adjoining Biosphere Reserves, the Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions boast some of Australia’s most spectacular natural assets, biodiversity and liveability values.

Over the past four decades, SCEC and many other passionate people and groups have campaigned for the protection of the region’s magnificent environment with each decade presenting its challenges and threats. This rich conservation legacy includes much of the valued scenic and natural amenity the region is known for in the form of National Parks and coastal areas that would otherwise have been lost to rampant and short-sighted development. SCEC continues to take on the issues and policy changes that need to happen to better position the region to have ecological sustainability.

As the level of government closest to the people, local government and its Councillors need to be focussed on collaboratively working across the board to ensure this is achieved with the urgency and commitment it demands.


  • We’re aware some candidates experienced some technical difficulties in submitting their responses and appreciate they were unable to be included. Please find below the responses received -


Sunshine Coast Council Candidate responses -

Noosa Council candidates responses -

We thank candidates for their participation.

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