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Sustainability Manager Course -

Enrolments close this Saturday 10th February 2024

Leading Sustainability But Not Quite Sure What Your Next Step Is?

The Sustainability Manager course will help you find your next step and your process so you have a clear vision on sustainability in your own company.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're excited to be working on sustainability but you feel like others aren't ‘getting it’
  • You spend all your time working by yourself and feel like it's going too slow
  • You feel overwhelmed and puzzled by the abundance of contradicting advice you’ve received.
  • You've got sustainability on top of your normal work and you don't have time to figure out all the details
  • Sometime you worry that there's a lot of talk but not a lot of impact
What's inside?
  • 5 high impact masterclasses.
  • Access to weekly group coaching calls
  • A private virtual mentoring session to access tailored guidance for your unique needs 
  • Flow outline of my legendary training powerpoint
  • Templates and documents to support your work
  • BONUS: sustainability planner to help you keep organised
  • 6 weeks of guidance, learning and tailored support that you can implement along the way. Real impact, fast.

Reserve your seat before 10th February

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